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Shandong Yongyan plastic industry

Shandong Yongyan plastic industry is a professional enqaqed in the organic silicon series products research, development, production and sales enter-prises. Company has been engaqed in organic silicon products research and development of senior engineers and organic silicon senior professionals, has a strong technical innovation ability, won a government progress prize of scientific and technoloaical achievements.

Since the company since its establishment, has successfully developed the "YONGYAN, FEIYUE, JUPENG, JUWEL, MIFENGBAO"and so on five big brand series silicone building sealant, and electronics, electrical appliances and industrial sealant element sealing, filling and sealing qlue, products have passed the national authoritative testing institutions detection. After extensive engineering practical products and services to win users spoke highly of.

Company in line with "the quality of the scientific management, exquisite silicone products, excellent after-sales service, good market reputation"the prin-ciple of purpose, as always, commitment to provide clients with high quality products and very pleased with the entire service. We are willing to cooperate with social people from all walks of life, and seek common development, mutual win-win cooperation quideline to development, to meet the development of organic silicon increasing market demand.

Open up the global market

Whether an enterprise can survive the Chinese market, whether it can cope with the ever-changing market environment, and whether it can escape the fate of a commodity manufacturer depends on its competitive advantage.
Yongyan has introduced internationally advanced automatic production lines and automatic filling systems to ensure the quality of its products with its good stability and accuracy.
Yongyan's products have passed various inspections of relevant departments, and the company has high-quality technical personnel to strictly control the factory. The factory products have undergone various inspections to ensure that the factory products are qualified products.


AAt present, Yongyan products in the country has more than 20 provinces, has established perfect sales networkand monopoly network, and gradually expand the Middle East, southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other international markets. Company on the basis of user requirements, to quickly provide customers with personalized solutions as the main management pattern, in order to realize the enterprise value and customer value grow together, to win the majority of customer recoq-nition and praise.

Add: Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province
Email: yongyanjiaoye@163.com
Phone: +86-0536-6668888


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